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To Register you may register online here otherwise you must send an email directly to Deacon A.D. at ADWNBW@att.net by no later than 6:00 p.m., Thursday April 29, 2021 The email must include the following: 1.Desired course selection (See Course Offerings below) 2.Name 3.Phone Number 4.Email address

Please call 301-651-5463 if you have any questions .

99 Spiritual Warfare (Overseer Edwon Brown) - God calls us to a deeper relationship in Him. A confident Christian should recognize the subtle wickedness of Satan, and his attempt to infiltrate the church through the members. This class is designed to teach students to encourage themselves and to claim victory during the test.

104 How to Read and Study the Bible (Rev. Gregory Sims) – This course identifies methods and approaches to Bible study that can lead to spiritual growth and Christian maturity. Students will be exposed to the three major steps of methodical Bible study, along with resources to aid personal study.

126.27 Daniel (Rev. Charles Russell) As you study the book of Daniel, you'll meet Daniel's God, the Sovereign Lord who rules in the kingdom of His people and who confidently announces things to come. In Daniel's life and ministry we see how true believers live in the light of biblical prophecy in today's time—how they relate to the Sovereign Lord and accomplish His good, acceptable, and perfect will.

300.1 Current Trends Impacting Today’s Youth (Youth Leaders: Rev. Chris Starghill) – This course will examine the concerns of youth in our congregations. This course should provide biblical reassurance to help our Youth Leaders in their churches.

409 When Life Hurts (Rev. Larry Hentz) - It’s easy to trust God when everything’s going your way but what about when things go wrong? Does trusting God comes easily to you- until adversity strikes? Amid troubles and tribulation, do you sometimes doubt whether He really cares? Exploring three essential truths about God- His complete sovereignty, His infinite wisdom, and His perfect love, this course will seek to strengthen your trust in God when faced with adversity.

421.2 Strengthening Your Prayer Life (Rev. Charles Bynum) - As a disciple of Christ, prayer is essential and provides the opportunity to gain new strengths, new insights, and new affirmations on your daily journey with God. This class will help you to enhance your prayer life and order your steps by joining others in journaling and developing daily prayer concerns and techniques your prayer life.

510.12 Servant Leadership (Rev. Rodney Teal) The world needs servant leaders, people who love unconditionally, give of themselves sacrificially, and leave a legacy worth following. If each of us would choose to be a servant leader, we could change the effect of the generational dysfunctions that exists in our world today.

We have a model of servant leadership to follow. That model is Jesus, whose method has stood the test of time. Inspired by Him, we will not only begin to focus on identifying and operating from our strengths, but we can become better leaders by understanding our weaknesses and shortcomings. This class will help students not only become the leaders Jesus created us to be--it will allow us to lead others to Him.

855.1 Women in Ministry Seminar (Rev. Kecia Ford) - This course provides an overview of how a woman’s Spiritual gifts, Personality, Experiences, Cares/passions, Interest, Abilities and Life gifts (talents) make her special and contribute to her God-

900 Ministers Seminar (Rev. Terry Streeter) - – The purpose of the Ministers’ Seminar is to inspire, educate, encourage, equip, uplift, affirm, and support ministers in their various leadership and pastoral roles as they endeavor to perfect the gifts within them.

given purpose; equipping her to minister. The objectives in this course will be to develop awareness and ability to match the gifts and strengths with appropriate ministry positions.

930.1. Introduction to Discipleship (Rev. Winston Ridley) - How many times have you been told you should do some particular thing in your walk with Christ? But has anyone ever taken the time to show you how? This course is designed to teach believers their responsibility to Christ; the importance of scripture and living a spirit-controlled life; and why it is importance to carry out The Great Commission through their own personal witness.

2000The Study of Last Things (Rev. Nat Obey) - The doctrine of last things sets forth the truth that the history of the individual, of the race, and of the world will reach its appointed consummation.This course will cover the subjects of physical death; the immortality* of the soul, and the intermediate state; the second coming* of Christ, the millennium; * the resurrection* of the dead; and heaven and hell.

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