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Meet the

Miracle on I Street

Pilgrim Baptist Church boasts of a rich history that began in 1910. The founding father, Brother George Bray and a few others evolved out of Rehoboth Baptist Church and on March 29, 1911, a strong group of seventy-five in number met in Southwest Washington at Faith Chapel and organized the Pilgrim Baptist Church.


March 2016 marks 105 years since that time, and God has continued to bless the church, through changes that include relocation from Southwest Washington to North East Washington, a fire that destroyed the church, only to be rebuilt again, bigger and better than before! So much so, that the church has an aka to express God’s goodness: “The Miracle on I Street. In its’ existence, Pilgrim has had five Pastors, signifying stability, and is currently pastored by Rev. Louis B. Jones, II, marking his 26th year of pastoral service in April 2016.


Drawing from a legacy of a traditional Baptist style of worship, Pilgrim has diversified its’ worship services to be inclusive of a worship experience that is a blended fellowship, relevant to all worshippers willing to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. The only dress code that exists is that one decent and in order whether in a suit or tie, jeans and tee-shirts. The only prerequisite for attending is an open heart and a desire to be in the presence of God and to hear His word.

Sunday Worship at 9:30 AM begins with a Praise Team at 9:15 A.M.  Our Ministry of Music includes choirs that minister with Contemporary Gospel, Traditional Hymns, and Gospel Hip Hop. You have the privilege of being part of a church that has an illustrious beginning, a glorious present, and a future as bright as the promises of God.


We offer opportunities to fellowship with other Believers for Christian growth, development, training, and service. Our task is to carry the Gospel of Christ to every nation and tongue.

"Promoting God's Love...Preparing God's People"​

Our Mission

To promote God's love...

and to prepare God’s people. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Pilgrim Baptist Church is a community of Christians who demonstrate the love of God by our love for one another, and through our commitment to show God’s sacrificial love in our neighborhood, our community and throughout the globe.


Pilgrim is sustained by our sincere Spirit-filled worship of the God who sent Jesus Christ, the one in whom we have mercifully become sons and daughters of God. As children of God, we are committed to Christ-centered stewardship, loving fellowship, servant leadership, and service through local and global mission work. We are an active community of lifetime learners who increase our knowledge of God through the hearing and preaching of the Gospel and through regular Bible study.

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