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PBC Ministries

**Bible Enrichment:**

Dive deep into the scriptures with our Bible Enrichment ministry, where engaging discussions and insightful teachings help you connect with God's word in a meaningful way. Whether you're a seasoned believer or new to the faith, this ministry will enrich your spiritual journey.

**Card Ministry:**

Share the love and warmth of our community through our Card Ministry. We send personalized, heartfelt cards to celebrate, comfort, and uplift members and friends during significant moments in their lives. This simple act of kindness can make a big difference and spread God's love far and wide.

**Dance Ministry:**

Experience the joy of worship through movement with our Dance Ministry. Open to all ages, this vibrant group uses dance to express faith and inspire others during services and special events. If you have a passion for dance and worship, this is the perfect ministry for you!

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**Evangelism Ministry:**

Join our Evangelism Ministry to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. Through outreach programs and personal witnessing, we share the gospel and show Christ's love to those around us, fulfilling the Great Commission in exciting and impactful ways.

**Kids Ministry:**

Our Kids Ministry provides a fun, safe, and nurturing environment where children can learn about Jesus through engaging stories, interactive activities, and creative play. We aim to plant seeds of faith that will grow throughout their lives, making every Sunday a special adventure.

**Missions Ministry:**

Embark on a journey of service and compassion with our Missions Ministry. Whether locally or globally, we are dedicated to spreading God's love through various projects and mission trips, offering support and hope to those in need. Join us and make a tangible difference in the world.

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**Music Ministry:**

Our Music Ministry is the heart and soul of our worship experience. From traditional hymns to contemporary praise, our talented musicians and singers lead us in lifting our voices to the Lord. If you have a musical gift, come and be part of this dynamic and inspiring ministry.

**Parking Ministry:**

Be the first smile that welcomes visitors to our church with our Parking Ministry. This team ensures that parking is smooth and stress-free, making a positive first impression and showing the love of Christ from the moment people arrive.

**Security Ministry:**

Help keep our church a safe haven with our Security Ministry. This dedicated team ensures a secure environment for worship and activities, allowing everyone to focus on their faith without concerns. Your vigilance and care will be a true blessing to our congregation.

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**Ushers Ministry:**

Join our Ushers Ministry and be a welcoming presence at our services. Ushers assist with seating, distribute bulletins, and offer a friendly face to newcomers and regulars alike. This vital role helps create a warm and orderly worship experience for everyone.

**Vacation Bible School (Annually):**

Dive into a week of fun, learning, and spiritual growth with our annual Vacation Bible School. Designed for kids and families, VBS offers exciting activities, Bible stories, and games that make the message of Jesus come alive. It's the highlight of the summer!

**Youth Ministry:**

Our Youth Ministry is a dynamic space for teenagers to connect, grow, and serve. Through engaging discussions, fun events, and meaningful service projects, we help young people build a strong foundation of faith and friendships that last a lifetime. Join us and be part of an amazing journey!

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