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Child Development Center


We greet you as one of the team, and we’re glad that you have partnered with us in your child (rens) development. PBC-CDC is a full service center dedicated to meeting the needs of all families.

PBC-CDC admits children without regard to creed, ethnicity, national origin, race, or sex. We will not discriminate against children with special needs where reasonable accommodations can be provided.



To create a stimulating learning experience for children where their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are being met. This will be achieved by providing a quality curriculum, taught by qualified teachers in a safe and loving environment.

PBC-CDC believes that by providing children with a safe environment their spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs are stimulated and developed. Our goal is to offer a great educational program in a warm, devoted, and gentle environment, where children are encouraged to learn through play and hands-on experience. 


Through group learning and individual attention, our curriculum-based program is designed to build life skills necessary for the early stages of development. Our curriculum is designed to meet the guidelines in accordance with the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) licensing division.

Meet the Staff

PBC-CDC seeks to bring out the best in all our clients by providing you with the most efficient staff possible. Our program is managed by a Center Director and qualified staff of teachers, assistant teachers, and aides.

All employees are required to have, on file, a criminal background check, an annual physical, and a current driving record if operating center vehicles


The Child Development Professionals employed by PBC-CDC are selected based on their ability to work with children in a group setting and their understanding of the needs of young children.

Our Programs

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